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Our Story Chillicus

Who are we, Chillicus hot sauce

One day cousins ​​Matjaž; a lover of nature, agriculture and olive growing and Jaka
a great gourmet, lover of hot food and an expert in the production of chili sauce. Had an evening with a good
glass of wine, home-made salami, prosciutto and cheese found that they share many similar interests, knowledge and experience, which could be combined into a common product.

At the end of the evening, they decided that the knowledge of chili and the love of agriculture would be
združila in ustvarila najboljše domače sladko-pekoče omake in ostale produkte na bazi čilija po imenom Chillicus.

About Kmetija Pr`Tarana

The farm Pr`Tarana is a small farm in Slovenian Istria, which is engaged in various activities such as: growing garlic and seasonal vegetables, wine and oil, making brandy and making liqueurs, growing chilies, horse breeding and horse riding, all this on the location where the farm itself stands .

Our farm has always been engaged in agriculture. We acquired skills and experience from our grandparents, who have always been processing in this place in Slovenian Istria
vegetables and produced oil and wine. We retained and preserved their knowledge and, of course, upgraded it later.

We learned most through practice and hard work on the farm.

An interesting fact of our farm:
There used to be a very strong Refošk vineyard on the farm, which is where the name Pr´Tarana comes from.


Experience and Knowledge in the Production of Chili Sauce Chillicus

Jaka has always loved hot food and peppers. Over the years, he realized that none of
sauces that are already present on the Slovenian market do not pose a major challenge, they all do
noticed the lack of flavor of the hot sauces themselves. So he decided to start on his own
making your best sweet hot sauces.

He found that each sauce leaves its own aftertaste and the sharpness of the roast, so he initially set about
regulating the degree of heat, and later he added different types of fruit to each sauce
chilies, fruits and vegetables, which achieve that each sauce adds a certain aftertaste to the dish
Over the years, he has gained a lot of experience in the production of sauces himself, the use of chilies in sauces and
prepare of spicy dishes.

In 2021, he and his cousin Matjaž started a joint project
under the name CHILLICUS.

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