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GERONIMO is intended for every lover of sweet and spicy sauces.


SANGUE DEL DIAVOLO with this sauce is no joke. Recommended only for experienced eaters and lovers of spicy sauces.


SWEET MANGO sauce is made from fresh ripe mango fruits with the addition of pineapple.

Chillicus paprike vzgoja
We buy our ingredients from local growers

Veliko nam pomeni, da večino sestavin dobavljamo od lokalnih kmetij in proizvajalcev.

Na ta način lahko zagotovimo čim boljšo kakovost naših produktov in omak. Verjamemo, da brez kakovostnih sestavin ni dobre pekoče omake.

Več o našemu dobavitelju in kmetiji si lahko preberete here.

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Try our local products from the world of chilli. Let our chillies and Chillicus sweet-spicy sauces spice up your dishes.

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We buy our ingredients from local growers

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